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Long Beach City!

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The RV park by the Long Beach Marina is very, very nice. Great pools, amenities, and most importantly, you can walk to tons of cool stuff. It was not cheap, $55 per night, but it was worth it purely for the location.

When we arrived, I noticed two other very similar 31′ Airstreams parked. One was just two spots from us! As Claire and I were getting all backed in, a truck approached us slowly, and then an older man hopped out and walked up to my open window and leaned in. He had a look of rage on his face… and he had to have been 80. I was scared. He said “Why are you taking my airstream?” I thought he was joking, so I laughed and said “Hey I’m Leo, nice to meet you”…. he wasn’t having ANY of that!! And continued to press me “WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY AIRSTREAM!?!?” Finally I realized he really thought our Airstream was his…and I hopped out to show him it wasn’t his… needless to say, he was devastated with embarrassment and hobbled back to his truck to drive two spots down to his Airstream. He REALLY should not be towing an 8,000lbs trailer down the road………

My old friend Hans came by for a visit and we had a great night on the town!

Long Beach City!




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